Looks like everyone is having to tighten their belt in the new year, and it's not just because you are losing weight due to New Years Resolutions. I have a bit of a problem and it seems I am not alone. Electricity bills at my house just became an issue.

October and November bills came in somewhere around $200. I have an older home, not exactly small, and not really energy efficient, and electric heat. I knew with the heater running 24/7 all December I was in for a beating.

The biggest bill I got last year in the heat of summer was around $400, so I wasn't really all that worried. I didn't even think about it till I got my bill in the mail: over $500 dollars was the damage, and it seems like I am not alone. I am currently using Direct Energy, and they are usually a pretty good deal. But it seems like it's not just my energy company that has raised rates: all over East Texas people got bills that were 35% to 50% more than previous years. How do you budget for that?

I am going to be sleeping with my clothes on and using pets to keep warm till this is all over.

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