I had heard of this back when it happened, but now they are making a movie based on the real-life events surrounding a 2008 high school football game. One Heart is the amazing story of the players and coaches from Gainesville State School and Grapevine Faith. Two groups from diverse backgrounds whose paths cross to create life-changing hope and inspiration for both teams. Two Teams. Two Cultures. One Heart.

The Gainesville State School is actually a juvenile detention center, and Grapevine Faith, is a faith based christian school. They did something special for this team when they played them. Making a spirit line and banner for them to run through. But more than that they gave them hope and home field advantage, because they never played a home game.

Now East Texan's can be a part of the movie making magic! One Heart is filming in Crockett, November 12-16.  Romeo, and Cowboy Troy are in the movie, so who knows you might just get discovered!

The The ONE HEART Casting Department is looking for extras to be in the movie. They will be recreating the prison scenes of the story and need guards, inmates and other various extras. If you live in or around Crockett (that's most of you!) and would like to be considered as an extra, just CLICK HERE.