I'm pretty open about my disdain for Paris Hilton.  But I have to give the woman a little credit for doing something good (even if she did it in a very special "Paris Hilton" kind of way).  She was at dinner with friends in Bali over the weekend and spotted a very skinny stray dog.  So she ordered him a filet mignon.  (This is what I'm talking about. The pup would have enjoyed a burger or stack of bacon just as much. But whatever.)  Not only that, but she took to her Twitter about the horrible life of strays.

"The cruel treatment of these stray dogs has upset me so much that I can't sleep. I'm researching the internet to see what I can do to help."

And then, she did one better, letting her gazillion Twitter followers know where they could donate money to help feel dogs like the stray she came across.

"Please Donate here."

I'm a huge animal lover, and I give Paris props for this one.  Domesticated animals depend on us, and I'm glad she's willing to speak out for them.