The Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog for Christmas
My girls have been begging for a companion dog for our beloved Harry for months, and I finally caved after reading an article about why dogs make great Christmas gifts for kids.  But is this really a good idea? She's chewing up stuff.
Massage Turns Corgi Into A Fuzzy Puddle [WATCH]
If you looked up "relaxed" in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of this dog. If "Advanced Relaxation Techniques 101" was a class at Angelina College or SFA, this corgi would be the professor.
Texas Private School Principal Arrested for Dog Abuse, And You Can Help
The story of Rainey, an abused dog from Houston, has gone international. Rainey was turned into the Houston city pound "with a severely rotted right rear leg that  appeared to have fallen off to leave a bony stump. In addition, shocked investigators found the  little dog was malnourished and he…

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