It always messes with me when I go to Starbucks to order coffee. I can never get it right, I haven't perfected a drink that I love. This video seems like it might help and get me on the right track.

I know my daughter loves the pumpkin spice and waits for it all year. This is one way to get exactly what you want when you go there. It seems very specific to me though. I can only take so much coffee everyday, and I want to make it count. Even at $5 a cup, I am confident that if I tried to use this secret menu, it would make my Barista very upset.

Here is what one guy had to say about ordering like this "I like to think I'm a very patient, very nice guy. But I've worked in 4 coffee shops, including 2 Starbucks. If people regularly ordered sh*t like this, I would've been tempted to squeeze the filthy gray milk rag into their cup."

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