harlem shake

How to Put a Meme To Rest – Burn It [VIDEO]
Just when you think you have seen the last Harlem Shake Video ever, along comes another one. But if you want to put a meme to rest for good, what do you do.  Apparently you set it on fire and use fireworks.  Don't know why the gas can is so close to the firework, or on the car, or why…
Harlem Shake is so Over it Catches a Guy on Fire [VIDEO]
Well how do you know when a meme is over?  When you watch this video you will know.  Seems the Harlem Shake is now just another form of natural selection.  Good thing his buddy was there to pull him out of the bonfire. Shake and Bake baby...
Harlem Shake Fever Sweeping the Nation?[VIDEO]
Have you heard of the "Harlem Shake"? We hadn't until just recently, apparently it's becoming a thing. Just for clarification, I'd like to see the entire office come together and give this a try, just once.
The Best “Harlem Shake” Videos on the Internet
Have you heard of the "Harlem Shake" dance craze that's taken over YouTube lately?
My first glimpse at this new dance trend was when I watched a clip on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. At first, I was confused. When the video ended, I was still confused, but amused at the same time. So I sear…