Powerade Equip Your Team Giveaway Is Hot!
You have a chance to win a $500 dollar Sports Store Gift Card from Powerade and Polk Oil Company! Join me live tomorrow from the Polk Oil in Central on HWY 69 across from the State School.
K-Fox 955 Invades Polk’s In Lufkin
I took the show on the road Tuesday for another 'K-Fox Hot Stop'. We gave away Powerade prize packages to six lucky listeners. Congratulations to Susan Linthicum from Etoile, Stephanie Rodriguez from Huntington, Melonie Aweford of Groveton, Carol Ratcliff of Lufkin, Kim Palmer Huntingto…
KFox Hot Stops Making Listeners Winners! [PICTURES]
Been having a great time on the air every day at 4:50pm during my show making winners with Coca Cola and Powerade.  It's a very nice prize pack.  Got some Powerade bottles, towels, bags, drink mix and a case of Powerade.  We stepped it up this past Tuesday and hit the streets...