Man Turns Lollipops Into Faces – How Does He Do it?! [VIDEO]
I have no idea if this is real. But if it is this guy is an amazing artist, in a very unconventional medium. Lollipops! If this video catches on he is going to be very famous.
The video begins and I can't really tell what is going on. What appears to be a street vendor, seems to be charging peop…
East Texas Got Talent Winners List [VIDEO]
Special thanks to all of our contestants that preformed at last nights East Texas Got Talent at the Texas State Forest Festival! Night two of the festival was rockin' thanks to our contestants. All 12 of them showed up and did an amazing job! Hopefully we get to do it again next year, and with a div…
East Texas Got Talent Contestant Sophie Stephenson [VIDEO]
East Texas Got Talent is going to be huge tomorrow! All of the contestants will take the stage and perform for the judges. They all uploaded YouTube Video's to the website. After they submitted to be a part of the show we picked the best. We at KFox 955 are glad to bring these local contestants to t…
East Texas Got Talent Contestant Chris Oney [VIDEO]
We got tons of video's for our East Texas Got Talent contest and I wanted to make each one feel special and put them up here on the website.   As you watch these video's remember that all of our contestants submitted a video to be part of the show.
The Next Teen Superstar? [VIDEO]
Look out Justin Bieber, there may be a new tween superstar in 2011.
If you don't immediately recognize the name Greyson Chance, you'll most likely get to know him in the next few months, as the 12-year-old has recently signed with Ellen Degeneres's record label.