Special thanks to all of our contestants that preformed at last nights East Texas Got Talent at the Texas State Forest Festival! Night two of the festival was rockin' thanks to our contestants. All 12 of them showed up and did an amazing job! Hopefully we get to do it again next year, and with a diversity of talent. Contestants stuck to singing and playing this year, but the contest is open to any entertainment you can imagine. If you are interested in doing it next year just send me an email and we will get a list together to call. You have an entire year to "get your act together" if you know what I mean. $500 dollars is nothing to sneeze at and Whitney Wright was our winner. Second place was Sabrina Toole of Lufkin winning $250. Finally Steven Day came all the way from Quitman to pick up 3rd place and $100 dollars.  All of our contestants got participation certificates and K-Fox T-Shirts! Congratulations!

1st place: Whitney Wright, 21, Nacogdoches, TX
2nd place: Sabrina Toole, 19, Lufkin, TX
3rd place:  Steven Day, 36, Quitman, TX