Southeast Texas Tornado Caught On Video
Tornado sirens whaled in Southeast Texas Monday morning as a line of strong storms moved through the Houston area. A tornado was caught on video of driver Austin Sheppeard as he and a co-worker were driving along an I-45 ramp just north of Houston.
Tornadoes Rip Through Texas, Leave Several Dead
Today in Lufkin and Nacogdoches we have the chance of heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms, but the situation doesn't appear to be anything like what North Texas saw last night.
As many as ten possible tornadoes ripped through areas west of Dallas-Fort Worth Wednesday night, and left 250 people hom…
Multiple Tornadoes Hit Dallas And Ft.Worth [VIDEO]
Lots of us have friends and family in the Dallas area. My son goes to UT at Denton and I was worried about how this was going to effect him. Got a text back from him and they are all fine, and nothing really happened there, not even hail.
This weather will start effecting us at some point, and we h…
What To Do In The Event Of A Tornado
Seeing how we've hadt some strong weather rolling through the area, I thought it would be a good idea to post what to do if a Tornado Warning were issued in your area. Please read this, it could save your life or the life of a loved one. Remember, download radiopup on your smartphone before a possib…
Woman Reunited With Missing Cat During Live Interview [VIDEO]
Talk about your emotional reunion.
Judy Pugh has one of the more heartwarming stories to emerge out of the devastating tornadoes which tore through Tuscaloosa, Alabama last month when her missing cat showed up while she was being interviewed for a story about having her home destroyed by the tornadoe…