X Factor

Britney Spears Can’t Say Ke$ha [VIDEO]
While I agree those pesky dollar signs can make something a little difficult to pronounce, I think Ke$ha is big enough now that even Britney Spears might know who she is... After all, Ke$ha was featured on a remix of Till the World Ends.
Simon Cowell is PISSED [VIDEO]
Watch out! Simon Cowell is seriously pissed at NBC, claiming the broke a 'gentleman's agreement.' So let me see if I can get this straight... The Voice on NBC was scheduled to kick off their new season next Monday and Tuesday. The X Factor was scheduled to premiere on Wednesday...
‘American Idol’ Producers Take Shots at ‘X Factor’
The gloves are off. With the debut season of ‘X Factor‘ in the rear view, nabbing significantly less viewers than ‘American Idol‘ expat Simon Cowell had hoped, and the 11th season of ‘Idol’ kicking off Jan. 18 (only to be tailed by ‘The Voice‘), producers are taking a few verbal swipes at the compet…

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