I am so desperate to see some of the Iron Man movies.  I have yet to see a single one.  I really like things blowing up, but just haven't had the opportunity.  Does anyone have a DVD of all those movies they can loan me for the weekend. I promise to bring them right back and even clean them in my fancy DVD cleaner (T-Shirt and Windex).

So you would think having a 8 year old son I would make it out to see some of these movies.  The Avengers looks really promising in May.  I have yet to see Captain America, I did see the Hulk movie though, so I need to get all caught up before the Avengers comes out.

So calling comic book fans....help me get caught up! Do it for the kids!  Here is the trailer that got me so interested in watching these again...also I missed the last Transformers Movie you got that one?  I am so lame!