Yep! That would be me:) Okay, I don't really think I'm that evil... Actually, I think having a 17 year old hunt Easter eggs to surprise her with concert tickets she's been wanting is pretty much genius in my book! 

Lani has been after some concert tickets for a while and she's been texting me non stop so I finally came up with a way to surprise her. I told her I didn't know anything yet on the concert tickets but I DID know that she was going to be doing an Easter egg hunt this past Sunday. Why? I mean after all, she is 17... Because I didn't get to see her do it when she was 7! I couldn't resist recording the fun! She is sooo not happy I was videoing the hunt but to be fair, I'm the one that sounds like a total dork! I wish I could have posted this up last Sunday when it was actually Easter but we did the hunt after my show;(