Spring break is almost over, you've spent all of your money on a lavish vacation, but the kids are still bouncing off the ceiling bored after only one week off of school.  What to do?  Make a vortex cannon.  Not only is it science, it's fun, and somewhat destructive.

I saw a giant one on Ellen last season, but I had no idea you could make one out of stuff you have around the house.  Just get some duct tape, a big box, some light Styrofoam cups, and a knife of some sort to cut the hole.  Now the guys in the video used a fog machine to make the vortex more visible, though awesome, it's not really necessary.

Gather the kids around and seal the box with tape, cut the hole, and watch the cups fly.  Put one of the kids in the vortex and blow their hair back.   Scream, "Are you not entertained?" and go back to your yard work, or watching TV or what ever you do when you are not at work.   Enjoy!