Okay I should probably warn you about this video, it is pretty disturbing. The video shows a woman displaying her botched rear end implants.

Have to give credit to Karah Leigh for this one, even though she is on vacation she found this little gem. People are getting implants not only in their chest, but in places like their calves, cheeks, and even BUTTOCKS! I guess this women always wanted a “booty,” but something has gone just terribly wrong.

Watch as she flips the implants back and forth in this video. I’m sorry, but this has gone too far. I guess the doctor that did this didn't put the implant in the correct place, because it shouldn't be doing that. I hope that the woman in this video seeks further medical attention because this can’t be good.

I am going to give this warning before you watch this, I don't think it's NSFW....just Not Safe For Lunch.