This is the maintenance manager at Temple Inland Diboll Lumber Operations, Marty Jones whose last day is today, April 27, 2012. This week has been a frenzy of office pranks including overturning his desk, as seen in the first picture; he didn’t even bother to turn it back over, he just found a way to work around the issue, because THAT is how Marty Jones rolls!!

The second picture doesn’t seem so serious until you know details – you see, the door was actually glued shut! As he watched from inside, the perpetrators (who shall go unnamed, because no one will admit actual guilt!) glued the door to the frame with high-powered industrial strength silicone – because that’s how THEY roll! In their defense however, the did feed the subject; a kolache and a donut were “modified” to fit under the door and a Styrofoam cup was cut down to size and “filled” with coffee to wash it down with! Notice the description of the subject behind the glass “Balding Silver Back Maintenance Manager in his natural habitat” as he is seen here enjoying said donut.

Marty, we all wish you the very best in your new adventure! And please! By all means, KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT DIBOLL LUMBER!!! They apparetnly love you very much to do all of this fun stuff to make your last day special!

Do you have any crazy, fun, SAFE pranks you pulled on your coworkers. Send pictures and details, and we will post them up!