I love Twitter. Looking at tweets can lift me out of a bad mood, so I am constantly scrolling through my Twitter feed.

This bunch of cute kittens warmed my heart and made me saw, "AWWWWW! They are so CUTE!":

I really loved this particular tweet because it pays homage to one of my all-star celebrity crushes, Paul Rudd:

This cryptic tweet describes my general everyday Twitter mood:

I was very happy to see this tweet when I woke up today because the Emmy nominations were announced (and featured one of my favorite comediennes, Leslie Jones):

See, I told you, Twitter can be a lot of fun. I got a wild hair and decided to check out if there were any interesting tweets about East Texas. What is happening in East Texas this week that has everybody talking on Twitter? I noticed the bulk of the tweets are people complaining about Rep. Louie Gohmert getting the coronavirus, assorted other views about politics, and videos and pics of fights betwixt protesters and counter-protesters.

10 Texas Tweets of the Week

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