Geez, some guys won't fork over the flower money for one girl.

Ladies, we've all heard the reasons that guys don't buy us flowers. They're too expensive and they die. It blows my mind that guys would rather spend money on food, when all that happens to food after you eat it is... Well, you know. The good news is however, for every hundred guys out there who won't buy flowers for one girl, there is a guy who will buy flowers for everyone.

Like Hayden Godfrey who bought a flower for all 900 of the girls in his high school for Valentine's Day.

Hayden is 17 years old and attends Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. He chose carnations, which just so happen to be my favorite. I think they are the sweetest flower you can get anyone. After months of working on this $450 plan, Hayden executed it flawlessly. His message was simple, no girl should feel excluded on Valentine's Day.

"If it was up to me, Valentine's wouldn't be a day about couples, but a day about loving your fellow human beings."

Imagine every girl in your school walking down the hall with a flower in their hand. It's a stark contrast to the vision we see so often on this day of love where only some girls have flowers and the others look on with jealousy and sadness. Hayden prevented the later from happening. But don't think for a second that you can scoop up this sweetheart. Hayden actually already has a girlfriend.

And she totally approved of his stunt.