According to the Lufkin Police Department a tanker truck fell off the northbound flyover at Loop 287 at 1:30am last night. The north bound flyover will be closed till at least noon, so avoid the area if at all possible.,

FLYOVER ACCIDENT UPDATE (5:30 a.m.): Loop 287 from North Brentwood Drive to the U.S. 59 exit remains closed at this time following a crash involving an 18-wheeler that fell off the northbound flyover around 1:30 a.m.
The southbound flyover is open for normal use. The northbound flyover will be closed until further inspection by a TxDOT crew out of Austin as it suffered some structural damage from the accident. TxDOT is on the scene now, along with a HAZMAT crew.
Thankfully the truck was only carrying orange juice, but the HAZMAT crew is offloading the truck’s fuel tank. The scene smells like a mixture of orange juice and automotive fluid.
It appears the truck fell more than 40 feet from the northbound U.S. 59 flyover with the cab and tanker separating at some point during the crash. The cab landed in the southbound lanes of Loop 287, while the tanker was in the northbound lanes. We do not know what caused the driver to veer off of the flyover.
Initial reports from UT Health Tyler on the driver are good. He is in stable condition, conscious and alert with a fractured pelvis and clavicle. He is undergoing more tests. He will not be identified pending family notification.
We want to thank TxDOT officials, wrecker drivers and the HAZMAT crew for their rapid response.
We will continue to keep you apprised of closures related to this accident throughout the day.
This will affect morning commutes so allow for extra time this morning, expect delays, but above all … AVOID THE AREA IF POSSIBLE.

This is one of my worst nightmares, and I have dreamed of myself falling off of one of those incredibly high ramps. Hopefully they will get things back to normal, but I can't imagine their won't be some permanent damage. Things like this are going to happen more often as the traffic increases on HWY 59 as it become I69 in the near future.

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