Though Corvette has already moved on to the 2021 model year for new vehicle orders,  the 2020 model year has been extended, due to the pandemic. A shut down in Bowling Green, Kentucky (the only plant that manufactures the Chevrolet halo car) stalled production in the Spring and Summer months because of the pandemic. Now they are going full steam ahead, and producing what seems to be a bit less than 200 on good day.

The people you see driving around in them, purchased these near 500 Horsepower beasts over a year ago. Putting down deposits around $2000 or more, just hoping for an early example. The ability to get what equates to a super car for a starting price of $58,900 is alluring.

Though though well optioned examples are between $75,000 and $90,000, as the options start piling on. Now dealers are getting their own car allotments, above and beyond the customer orders. These cars that end up actually on the lot, have sometimes been marked up sometimes by as much as $30,000 due to availability. Luckily I haven't seen that to be the case in our area.

I've actually gotten to sit in a new Corvette, and it is so special. This is the thing that corvette owners have been waiting for. Generations of enthusiasts, all asking them to the engine in the back. Generations of purists all saying to leave it in the front. Moving the engine in the Corvette to the back, is like moving the engine in the 911 in front of the rear tires. As much as it is a good idea, there are people on both sides.

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Take a look at this 2020 Corvette in Arctic White. I got a sneak peak before it went off to a customer. Special thanks to JM Chevrolet in Lufkin for the opportunity.

2021 Chevrolet Corvette

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