This past Saturday I was doing a live K-Fox 955 Street-cast at Lufkin Ford. While I am there I make it a point to drive a new Ford vehicle. I have driven them all at some point. Mustang, Mustang GT, Explorer, Edge ST, 2021 Ford F150, and some I have probably forgotten. This past Saturday I got to drive the new 2021 Mustang Mach-E X, the all wheel drive version.

It was a perfect day for a quick zip around the loop. I slipped my big sunburned head easily into the cabin. Penny Crain was so thoughtful in letting me drive it, she has been previewing the demo for customers. This vehicle is a real head turner.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

If you have never experienced driving an electrified vehicle with some power, this is a great one to try. They will be soon easily spotted on your local Ford Dealers lot. The instant torque and horsepower is undeniably addictive. As a bonus unlike other fun EV's, the Mustang Mach-E can be serviced at any local Ford Dealer.

It was also much quieter and more refined that many other EV's I had driven. The version I drove was about the equivalent of driving a Mustang Eco-boost. It had pep, but I knew the platform could take more. That's why today is so special, today the Mustang Mach-E GT and GT performance models go up for preorder.

These are much more like the Mustang GT, and unbridled will get you 0-60 in 3.8s. The performance pack takes another .3 seconds off that time taking only 3.5s to get to 60. This car is faster off the line than even traditional combustion Mustangs. Plus it has 4 doors and seating for 5, and storage in the front and back.

Ford still has the option of gas powered Mustangs, in the original 2+2 configuration. Mustang enthusiasts will always have love for the 5.0 V8. It's not going anywhere, and exists and the only traditional "car" in the Ford lineup.

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