There has been talk of changes to Texas Law this congressional session to improve the access to medical marijuana in Texas. No matter where you stand on the issue, change is coming. You can get medical marijuana in Texas today, but it's not what you think it is.

The first qualification is pretty easy for most of you reading this. You must be a Texas resident. If you are not a resident it's a bit of a waiting game for that process to start.

You must convert your drivers licence over within 30 days of moving here. You will need to produce documents for the DMV to prove you live in Texas.

With that handled you need to prove you have a qualifying condition. The Compassionate Use Program allows Texans with these specific conditions access to medical marijuana. Autism and other neurological conditions are just a few of the approved conditions.

Now that you have a treatable condition, you need to find a prescribing doctor. You fill out some forms and you'll get linked to a physician.

They even have telemedicine options. Set up the appointment online or in person. There is no age limit, but patients under 18 may need a legal guardian to get it done.

Once you jump though those hoops, you will have the ability to purchase THC as a sublingual medicine only. They have gummies, tinctures, lozenges, and pills. Most of which have a High CBD content. The procurement of the medicines is organized by the DPS.

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Most are fairly low dosages, but it's something. Every step of the process is pretty expensive though. Recreational marijuana is a long way away from legal in the State of Texas.

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