Ellen Trout Zoo is offering four different ways to keep those kids busy during the winter break. No school for a couple of weeks can be hard to fill, especially after all that time in lock down. Keep them busy by visiting Ellen Trout Zoo. They are offering classes for students, and group activities where the entire family can get involved.


Texas & Photo Scavenger Hunt – come out with your family group to complete the scavenger hunt around the zoo! If you can complete it within the hour, you can pick from our prize box.

Enrichment Class – learn some of the fun ways our staff provides enrichment for all our zoo animals and even make some enrichment yourself! Offered for families and students over 13 years old. Includes a tour of our commissary.

Animals of Asia - where the continent of Asia is found, habitats found there, and different classes of animals found in Asia for 7 – 10 year olds.

Magical Creature Art - During this STEAM activity, use your imagination and a few animal adaptation cards to create your own “magical” creature and create a habitat where it would live.

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Check out their Facebook page for times soon and to preregister. While you are there, you might still be able to find some of Santa's elves, they are in 3 of the animal exhibits. Find all of them with you kids, and get a free candy cane treat. There are lots of things to do at Ellen Trout Zoo. 

For further information contact Whitney Heckler, Director of Educational Services, 936-630-0574, wheckler@ellentroutzoo.com.

Baby Turtles At Ellen Trout Zoo



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