When I made the first list, I had 5 more pop into my head. Luckily this list is gone from the area, but not the world, so you can still sample the food, if you are willing to drive a little.


  • Photo Courtesy Jon S.
    Photo Courtesy Jon S.

    Charlie's Lonestar Family Cafe

    We used to eat here all the time, mostly because it was open late. I think I remember really like the onion rings. Though they most likely just dumped in a bag of frozen ones. It was always a cool place to hang, because truckers from all over stopped in. They tore it down to make way for all those overpasses they were building on HWY 59 and the loop, seems like ages ago. A quick google search turned up one still in Livingston?

  • David S.
    David S.

    Shrimp Boat Manny's

    This was the start of what could have been a chain. This wildly successful Livingston restaurant came to Lufkin for awhile. I remember it being over where Deer Cross Apartments to be. I remember eating there a couple of times, and it was good! Still open in Livingston as far as I know.

  • Texas Burger
    Texas Burger

    Texas Burger

    I remember eating here a few times, and that they had Blue Bell Ice Cream. They were in the building that was Ray's West, that eventually closed down as well, after it was Texas Burger. But if you are craving this place, you only have to go so far as Corrigan out past Diboll, and you will see one on the right.

  • Grandy's


    This used to be where Fireburger was. Just seems some locations don't work out, even though they are really close to big boys like McDonalds. This place is famous for their biscuits, and chicken fried steak. We miss this one for sure, but they have locations in Tyler and Longview, if you are feeling sentimental.

  • Taco USA Houston
    Taco USA Houston

    Taco USA

    This was a great resturant for the entire area back in the 80's and 90's. They were all over West Texas as well  We had one in Lufkin right where the Donut Palace is now next door to Suddenlink on First Street. This place closed it's doors, one of the last in the chain back in 1994. But looks like the sons reopened one in Houston, and fans flock there in droves. Check out the story from their website. CLICK HERE

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