Some nine years after dropping his Terminate On Sight album with G-Unit, 50 Cent remains as competitive as ever, actively looking to apply that directive to his competition in the world of television.

Recently, the rapper took a few shots at an unnamed TV series often described as the primary competition for his Starz TV series, Powerbefore saying he was going to takeover BET. A short time later, Gabrielle Union, who stars in BET's hit TV series, Being Mary Jane, responded to Fif's comment, implying the rapper should abstain from negativity and that there was enough shine to be had by everyone.

"Remember that other show that thought they were in competition with POWER, what happened to it?" 50 wrote on IG. "I don't hear anyone talking shit anymore. 😆Now I'm gonna take over BET."

"I don't compete with other artists, only celebrate," wrote Union in a comment responding to 50's initial post. "Enough space for all of us to succeed. Cheers to Power and cheers to other creative folks uplifting each other. ALL our programming could use more shine, so I opt to [uplift]. I know that celebrating others in no way dims my shine. Keep shining @50cent."

If you know 50, you realize there was absolutely no way he wasn't going to respond to Union's comments, but because he's cool with her husband Dwyane Wade, he took it easy.

"@gabunion I'm never gonna argue with you because your Wades lady," a restrained 50 wrote. "I like Wade, I got a lot of respect for him. This post has nothing to do with you, but you know I'm gonna be #1 at BET, and I want you to know your Mary Jane show is welcome to stay on my network. LOL."

50 then screenshotted his interaction with Union, captioning it, "You keep it up I'm a tell Dwyane, because I feel like your picking a fight with me. He ain't gonna like this shit. LOL #50Centralbet."

Just the other week, 50 threatened to pull Power from Starz and take it elsewhere, so it should be obvious 50 has no problem tangling with the powers that be.

Check out 50's original post and Union's response to it below.

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