I love movies, but I usually end up watching them at home. There are a select few movies that I will go see in theaters that are coming up this year. The reason is they all have the big booms. Some things just need to be experienced in the dark on opening weekend with a bunch of strangers and a sticky floor.

2017 was a great year for movies, we got another Star Wars, a few Avenger movies, and lots of action fix that meet my criteria of being seen in the theater. What does 2018 hold for us, well I thought you would never ask.

  • Lucasfilm

    Han Solo/Star Wars

    Thanks to Disney we are getting a new Star Wars movie about some part of the universe every year. Is it the movies we would have wanted, who knows.

  • Pixar

    Incredibles 2

    This one has been a long time coming. I remember having the original on DVD. The kids that saw this one in theaters, now have kids. Let me get my super suit, this one will be a big hit this year.

  • Walt Disney Pictures
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Mary Poppins Returns

    Look, who knows why I'm excited for this movie? I do like Emily Blunt, and hearing Yondu get excited about being compared to Mary Poppins might also have something to do with it.

    It will just be cool to see this magical character showcase her powers in the new age.

  • 4

    Avengers: Infinity War

    This is what the Marvel movies has been building up to since the very first Iron Man movie. How could you not be excited to see how it all ends? And how it will continue on afterwards.

  • 5

    Ready Player One

    '80s references the movie. Yeah, count me in.

  • 20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox

    Deadpool 2

    No one really knew what to expect when the first Deadpool movie was released, and now the bar has been set for greatness and hilarity.

    We simply can't get enough superheroes in a rated R world.