Remember in March when COVID-19 swept through the nation and all of a sudden a bunch of us were trying to figure out our new normal? Some of us had shifts change on us, some of us were asked to work from home. The one thing that we all struggled with was exhaustion.

According to a new survey60% of Americans say their sleep routine during quarantine has them feeling completely exhausted. In fact, 63% of adults fear that their sleep schedules are forever ruined because of the pandemic. Over 70% of adults claim that their sleeping habits are described as inconsistent since the pandemic swept the nation.

Sometime back in April several experts came to our rescue to offer advice and help us not feel like walking zombies. The advice was unanimous, quit using your phone before bedtime, and give yourself a strict sleep schedule. Is our sleep routine the only thing to blame for our exhaustion? According to this survey, no.

If you work from home you're probably more miserable than the average Joe. You may think that you're enjoying life more than the "essential" worker that clocks in and out every day like they did before the pandemic hit, however, this survey proves that those working from home are struggling with exhaustion the most. Why? Most folks that work from home and don't have a commute wake up 10 minutes before they have to start working remotely.

Since folks that work from home know that they can roll out of bed and start working they stay up even later than usual to watch their favorite shows. Folks are ruining their sleep schedules and making themselves miserable.

If this survey has highlighted anything it's to give yourself a very strict sleep schedule especially if you're working from home.


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