I've always looked up to members of the Lufkin Fire Department. They are heroes ready at a moment's notice.

The Lufkin Fire Department is now hiring. Their next civil service test is coming up on November 19th.

You've got to sign up to take the exam by October 21st at 5 pm. If you pass that test then it's on to the next requirement.

Physical Ablility Test 

After passing the civil service exam, next it's the Lufkin Fire Department's redesigned physical ability test. The test was designed to evaluate your performance in real-life scenarios faced by firefighters daily.

The test will include 8 stations to be completed concurrently in 8 minutes 45 seconds or less. If you pass their hiring process they will pay and send you to the fire academy at a starting salary of around $48K annually.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be between the ages of 18 and 36 to apply. You must be able to pass a polygraph test, department interview board, background check, and drug screen.

Certified Fire Fighters

If you are already a certified firefighter then they would be happy for you to join their team. If you have worked for a fire department in the past you know there are many employment disqualifiers.

Working for the fire department in any city is a career with lots of advantages. The Lufkin Police Department would also like to interject that they are also hiring.

I've been thinking about all the positive reasons you would want to work for the Lufkin Fire Department. Some things you might not expect ended up on the list.

8 Reasons To Work For The Lufkin Fire Department

There are so many benefits to being a hero in your community.




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