If you see an online article from a source called Lufkin News Today, about 3 Lufkin officers being killed and 5 others being wounded, do not click on the link.

Not much is known about the new page that popped up on Facebook today (May 30th, 2016) calling itself "Lufkin News Today," but we do know the page only has one post as of today and it isn't one bit true.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, the link sends users to a site with the ability to add malware to the user's computer. The fake article has many Lufkin citizens worried about the men and women who work to protect our town, but luckily the headline is only click bait used to lure unsuspecting, and inquisitive people to it's potentially harmful website.

This is what the Facebook page looks like, and it already has 30+ likes as of today.

Police are working to get to the bottom of this Facebook page now, and If you have any information, contact the department at 633-0356.

We suggest for now that everyone be on alert, and aware of the links they are clicking on. We may not always appreciate our news sources, but we know we can trust The Lufkin Daily News, KTRE, and your local radio stations, like Kicks 105 and KSFA News Talk.

Many people realized the story was fake too late, others must have simply shared the link without reading since the link has been shared over 90 times in the span of 3 hours.