There is nothing more of an eyesore than litter. Seeing a random fast food restaurant cup on the curb or a small plastic bag full of car trash on the side of the road or a random trash bag that has fallen off a truck is just not pleasant. It's called littering and if you're one of those people that likes to just throw your trash out the window, you are completely irresponsible. But in Thailand, they may have found a perfect way to curb littering, mailing it to the litterer.

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Littering is a problem in Thailand just like anywhere else in the world. It seems officials with Khao Yai National Park were tired of the trash being left behind by campers. Their solution, box up said trash and mail it back to the people that left it.

Genius. Imaging coming home to a surprise package on your doorstep. You bring it inside, open it and it's a box of wrappers, empty bottles and used paper plates from your camping trip. It probably would make you think more about cleaning up properly after your camp out.

Thing is, in Thailand, there is a note in the box that states you won't be allowed to come back to that national park for your next camp out. Those litterers are getting off lightly, too, as littering in a national park can come with five years in prison and $16,000 fine in Thailand.

Bottom line, don't be a nasty litterbug. I would believe that if this practice starts in the United States, people would think a bit more about cleaning up after themselves. Read more on this at

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