The ranks of the Angelina County Sheriff's office just grew to include a new officer. This guy is a bit different as he walks on four legs, and follows his nose. Give a hearty welcome to their newest team member K9 Officer Ace.

Officer Ace is a 15 month old Belgian Malinois. The breed has the looks of a German Shepard, but smaller to get into tighter spaces. They also have fewer health issues. The breed typically lives between 14 and 16 years.

Belgian Malinois are the perfect dog for on the job police work. They are fiercely loyal to their owners or handlers. In this case that honor will go to 8 year ACSO veteran Lt.Chris Molandes. Molandes has been in law enforcement for 16 years total.

Together they will be working to assist the department, along with other agencies in locating missing children and adults. Ace is also great at locating fugitives who have fled on foot from law enforcement.

You'll notice Ace is already decked out in all his gear. That is thank to a non-profit organization called protecting K9 Heroes. They donated a ballistic vest, special trauma kit, and a Narcan kit to make sure he stays safe. Ace looks official, and ready for work now.

Not only will Ace be an amazing asset in the field, K9 officers become ambassadors of the departments they serve in. Taking down criminals, and breaking down barriers between the police and the public.

It's not all fun and games though, people that don't comply might get a few puncture wounds. I believe that is much better than the alternative. K9's are the best less than lethal solution to many a chase.


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