No matter where you live, Amazon is really effecting our lives. It's the modern day store, where if you can wait a couple of days, you can have anything. I am almost embarrassed to mention how many things I buy on Amazon...daily. Yeah, I need weird stuff, and instead of going to every store in town, only to not find it, I shop on Amazon. But I have never thought about working for the shipping and goods giant.

One reason that I have never thought to apply at Amazon, is well, they don't have a hub here in East Texas. Something that I think they have greatly missed out on. Our central location, and willing labor force would be great for them. But, they will be opening a new hub soon in Austin, if you want to move.

But searching online, there are jobs within Amazon that you can do right from here in East Texas. Instead of saying that you work from home, you can say their fancy term, Virtual Locations. That sounds better than, working from home, in your pajamas. But beware, some of the jobs, are very advanced/specialized. Like you would need a doctorate in business, and still not be able to cut it. But there are 200 job listings in there, see for yourself. CLICK HERE

Amazon Hosts Jobs Day Across US To Hire 50,000 For Its Fulfillment Centers
Mark Makela, Getty Images

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