We think we are pretty dang funny here in Texas. Now that everyone in the Lone Star State has a camera in their pocket, we can show everyone how funny we really are.

America's Funniest Home Videos is a staple in my home on Sunday nights. It's always just good clean fun, and laughter is the best medicine.

I was watching an old episode yesterday and noted that they had a Salute The States video just for Texans and the things we get up to. It did not disappoint.

Salute The States Video Full Of Fun Texas Facts

Not only did I laugh, but I also learned a few things along the way.

  • I will not be participating in goat yoga anytime soon
  • It's Whataburger, not Water Burger; we just say it wrong
  • Don't let anyone take a video, while I'm at the lake
  • If your dog doesn't bring you quesadillas is it really worth having a dog?
  • Texas is home to over 80 state parks
  • We have over a million horses, the most of any state

So Many Things Make Us Uniquely Texan

Seeing the lighter side of Texas really makes you take stock of all the great things about our state. It almost makes up for all of the stinging, biting bugs and wild animal encounters.

If you have funny videos you can always submit them to our app. Just click the stack in the upper right corner and you will see submit photo/video in the list.

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You never know; we might post your funny video here, so send them in.

CLICK HERE to see the Salute on facebook. Enjoy these AFV funny redneck fails too!

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