It was a little under a month ago that the Angelina County & Cities Health District closed Mom's Diner at 420 W.Frank Ave in Lufkin. They have since reopened and customers are being served once again.

Now Omar Estrada, the Environmental Division Director for the Angelina County and Cities Health District, has put up closure notices on another of Lufkin's favorite spots. His signature is featured on the notice that was on the door today at Lindo Mexico on 305 South Timberland Drive.

Fans of the popular eatery are already lamenting on Facebook about their favorite spot's fate. Hopefully, they will be back and open soon.

The Health Department Is Sending A Clear Message In Angelina County 

Now that the pandemic is over and restaurants are back open in force, the Health Department has once again hit the streets. They do not close businesses lightly and restaurants are given many chances to comply.

Compliance is not an option, and the word is out that you must run a tight ship if you want to stay open in Lufkin and Angelina County. The most recent report I could find in the Restaurant Inspections was from 2018 and Lindo Mexico had 14 demerits in the report I found from Lufkin Daily News.

I am sure they will turn the restaurant around and the patrons will file back in very soon. There has not been any official word just yet on everything that needs to be improved upon by the restaurant.

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Update: Lindo Mexico has released a statement via Facebook that the issue was a walk-in cooler not holding temperature. The parts to fix the cooler are taking longer than hoped due to shortages. Their attempts to fix the issue with temporary solutions did not work out and the Health Department felt closing the restaurant was the appropriate measure.

They will be using this time to rebuild the cooler and prepare to provide better service when they reopen.
Restaurant Inspections gauge how well the employees and management follow rules set up by the Health Department. It is not a measure of how good the food is.

Jeff Hobbs via Facebook
Jeff Hobbs via Facebook
Jeff Hobbs via Facebook
Jeff Hobbs via Facebook

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