Red Tulip Rolling Bistro & Toffee Company at 1523 South First St. in Lufkin has closed for good. This family owned business had food trucks, catering, and the physical location that housed the bakery.

Red Tulip was founded in a simpler time back in 2016. Now their official closed date is August 1st, 2021.

They always believed that the best part of their business was their customers. That's what kept them going as long as they did.

They Will Be Missed 

Fans of the restaurant loved their brisket taco box and oatmeal cream pies. Their grilled cheese was also a favorite.

All of the patrons expressed sadness upon hearing the news. They all sent well wishes for the family that owned the business.

They brought happiness and great food to Lufkin for over 5 years. It's only understandable that they gained many new friends with their great food.


As we delve into reasons why the doors have been locked for the last time, I'll give you one guess. Covid.

That's right, another victim of a pandemic that isn't showing signs of slowing down. It's destruction and changes to our area will be forever etched in our history.

Running a small local business is challenging during good times. This was a long fought battle that they eventually lost.

Support Local 

As much as this is sad to hear, it all comes down to supporting local businesses. If you have a local favorite business take the extra time and shop with them.

It's always hard to lose a local business, especially when their tacos and toffee were so good.

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