There have been rumblings of a new, bigger iPad on the horizon. Wonder no more, as I step into the future and put my hands on the biggest iPad of all time.

Leaked grainy images of what the new 12.9in Apple iPad Air Plus might look like have started to surface. To be honest they aren't even worth showing, because they don't really offer any insight into what this device would look like. It might even be the iPad Pro. We don't actually even know what Apple might call it.

I think it would be a great for people in hospitals, car dealerships, and radio stations! This size would really lend itself to more of a sheet of paper. There are rumors that it will have NFC, so you could Pay with Apple Pay. You could just wave your phone over a big iPad and boom, you paid for your car, or a piece of furniture at Canton.

But why wait till June 8th, when we might hear more about this. I already have the video to prove that you could get a lot of use from a giant iPad. We did this for fun to see what a real giant iPad might look like. Do you think you would buy a big iPad?