Has Britney Spears found her knight in shining armor in Las Vegas?

TMZ recently obtained some photos of Britney Spears on a date with Harry Morton. Yes, Harry Morton of restaurant royalty.

The two shared sushi at a restaurant in Los Angeles (surprisingly not one of the Morton's eateries).

Harry is the grandson of Arnie Morton, who founded Morton Steakhouse. He is the CEO of The Pink Taco franchise, which just so happens to be located at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, just down the street from Planet Hollywood where Britney has a residency.

Britney most recently dated Charlie Ebersol, a television and film producer. The two split in June after eight months of dating. Harry has dated other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston and Hayden Panettiere. If he dated Lohan during her blonde days, then he must have a type.

Could this be true love at last? Only time will tell in this Las Vegas love story.

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