Well, I don’t know what you expected, but it looks like Arrested Development Season 5 is finally gearing up. For real, this time! Star Jason Bateman has signed the dotted line, and the banana stand could open as early as this summer.

The once and future Michael Bluth shared as much on Twitter, implying that filming on Arrested Development Season 5 would begin this summer. Curiously, executive producer Brian Grazer claimed back in January that the cast had officially signed, so it remains unclear who else from the ensemble might corroborate Bateman’s tweet:

Creator Mitch Hurwitz had previously projected an early 2017 start to production, though reports of a prequel format (to minimize cast commitment) suggested a possible June shoot date. Elsewhere, Will Arnett previously claimed that Netflix bosses “need to get their s— together,” while Hurwitz has also mapped out a large portion of Season 5, hoping to capitalize on eerie similarities to the 2016 elections.

We should hear before long if more Arrested Development is indeed in our future, but will the Bluths seem any less relevant in the four years since Season 4?

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