Netflix has been notoriously secretive about their data, whether that’s subscription demographics or the all-important individual streaming figures for specific titles. Though they’ve grown into a major player in the world of entertainment, the only knowledge we have of Netflix’s inner workings comes from the occasional missive issued by content head Ted Sarandos, who made one such announcement in a recent letter to shareholders. Among the financial jargon and quarterly earnings reports, Sarandos dropped the shocking detail that Netflix’s 100 million-strong user base has collectively streamed over 500 million hours of Adam Sandler movies since The Ridiculous Six premiered. Today, ScreenCrush invites you to consider the brain-collapsing enormity of that number.

The folks at Exstreamist have used mathematics to give readers a sense of how big half a billion really is, in this instance. Simple division indicates that each of Netflix’s 100 million users, on average, is responsible for having consumed five hours of Adam Sandler content. This, of course, discounts the possibility that there's someone out there with ten separate accounts all used to stream la cinema de Sandler 24/7, which feels like the only reasonable option. Break those numbers down a little further, and it shakes out to a total of 2.86 Adam Sandler movies watched per user. (Exstreamist’s math erroneously calculates that number to 3.44, having mistakenly divided by 1.45 to represent an average one hour, 45-minute runtime for the Sandler movies currently on the service, instead of 1.75.)

An inquiring mind can choose to draw one of a few conclusions from this information. To take it at face value, it would appear that we’re all complicit in the continued enabling of Adam Sandler, and that none among us can emerge blameless from the flaming wreckage of his eight-picture deal with the streaming giant. A sharper insight may be that there’s a widening gulf between cultural factions of America and Netflix knows it, that the same silent majority who regularly make NCIS a superhit are the ones to which Netflix is catering with these decisions. But hey, at least us hoity-toity media elites still have the challenging, expressionistic likes of The Get Down and Sense8. [touches earpiece] THEY WHAT?!

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