Fifth Harmony seem to keep making the news for ejecting people off stage—though this time, it was their team that did the deed for them.

In an unfortunate (see: hilarious) mix-up, Harmonizers were treated to the spectacle of pop star Becky G being yanked off the stage by security after running up during the middle of the group’s performance, presumably after being confused for an overly enthusiastic fan (or a certain past member who shall not be named at this time).

It’s hard to pick the clear highlight of this video. Is it Becky’s panicked look as she’s grabbed by security? Normani carrying on with her choreography as she watches Becky being pulled off? The one fan who stretches out their arm and cries “Becky G”?

Luckily for Becky (and that fan), Ally quickly steps up to sort things out and brings her back on. After the whole debacle, Becky G explained on Twitter that she actually rushed onto stage to help Dinah deal with a wardrobe malfunction:

No good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes.

Fifth Harmony Through the Years:

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