My soon to be husband is not one to celebrate Valentine's Day. I have always seen genius gift ideas for men on Valentine's Day and I just ignore them. However I have a best friend who loves Beef Jerky so when I stumbled upon the most wonderful Valentine's Day gift invented that is intended for men, I had to order it for her. Look at us just ignoring gender norms. I mean, I always pick up beef jerky when I'm on a road trip.

Man Crates has the best ideas for gifts, normally their gifts involve a hard to open wooden box with some kind of alcohol inside. However, this gift of love involves all kinds of meat. It's a heart-shaped box with an assortment of jerky. The best part of this gift is that you can get it delivered as early as tomorrow to as late as the actual date of Valentine's Day. Either way, schedule it now.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Here are some of the jerky's that come inside of the heart:

Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky
Garlic Buffalo Jerky
Whiskey Maple Buffalo Jerky
Black Pepper Elk Jerky
Garlic Elk Jerky
Honey Bourbon Elk Jerky
Honey Bourbon Wild Boar Jerky
Root Beer Habanero Wild Boar Jerky
Honey Bourbon Venison Jerky
Root Beer Habanero Venison Jerky

Last year my friend Madison loved the gift, she claims she finished the box in a day. This makes for a hilarious and thoughtful gift, it's never too soon to start planning the day of love.

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