See Ben Hur at the Pines Theater in Lufkin Friday, August 24th at 7pm. The historic Pines Theater, a fully functioning, restored, proper cinema is the perfect place to watch this epic action adventure.

The one thing that stands out when you consider going to see Ben Hur's return on the big screen is the run time. This movie is 3 hours and 30min. You could drive to Austin in the time it takes to watch this movie in its entirety. That said, you will get your money's worth, and then some.  Just like movie goers back in 1959 did when it first came out. Adding to the film's legacy is the 11 Oscars it received that year.

Apparently people weren't going to the movies just to soak up the newly invented air conditioning that was provided free of charge, while you watched. This movie most likely played at the Pines Theater when it first came out. Your grandparents might have sat in the very seat that you are going to sit in to watch this classic flick. Charlton Heston in a film just as likely to end up on the History Channel as the Action Channel, showing just why he was one of the hottest stars of the day...why not?