I am ever on the lookout for neat little places in East Texas to find some good down home food.  If you ever get out Douglass way on Hwy 21, I found your place.

Got a chance today to meet Angie Davis with the Douglass Corner Cafe' today.  She stopped by with the cook Jan to do an interview, and I really fell in love with these two.  If the way to a mans heart is his stomach they just built a tunnel.

Here is the list of things that enticed me.

Daily Home Cooked Lunch Buffet - magic word there at the end

Burger Night!  Chicken Fried Steak Dinner Night!  Fish Fri Friday's!

These are all right up my alley.

This place is just like going to a friends house and having a home cooked meal.  Plus, they promise that you'll never leave hungry.  I like these ladies, they are real people, and they said that they have lots of fun there.  I am going to try to make it up there this week and try it out.   I hear they even have salad. I even DJed Douglass's Prom, I like people from there! All of them are super nice.

Check out my interview with them today on the show.