Walmart has announced it's best selling items by state, you might be surprised at Texas.

They know what you are buying. data was analyzed from every state in the union to find out what was the most popular item. In Texas it invitations.

This year in California, people allergies were really kicking, as they bought Zyrtec more than anything else. A little closer to home Lousiana loves some rasians apparently, and Arkansaw needs baby items. I guess with all the wedding invitations this year, Texas Wal-marts are going to have to stock up on some baby items.

Tools are king in Oklahoma, and the state with the weirdest thing is Wisconsin - selling tons of Shopkins.

But back to us in Texas, if you are in the wedding industry, this might mean that people are doing more weddings on the cheap. Turning to the big warehouse stores, to get all the supplies. Instead of specialty stores, seems like they are shopping on line at Wal-Mart to get invites on the cheap. This isn't even counting all the people that are getting invitations the normal way like in a wedding store, or online printing like Vista Print. There are a lot of weddings in Texas this year for sure.

For the best selling time in every state check out this informative interactive map of the U.S. at Business Insider.





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