Bhad Bhabie—perhaps still more popularly known as being the "Cash Me Ousside Girl"—is moving on up in the world after signing a $5 million record deal, routinely bringing in YouTube views that would make plenty of more established rap artists immensely jealous. With that fame has come tons of new resources for the viral sensation/rapper, including the money to hire Tiger Woods' lawyer to handle some of her ongoing legal troubles.

According to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie recently hired Doug Duncan, who is the attorney that defended the golf icon during his DUI case, to represent her in court. From the looks of things, the results were pretty darn positive.

Back in May, Bhad Bhabie, born name Danielle Bregoli, was hit with a five-year probation after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including two charges of grand theft. The sentence included a curfew and the need for a parent to be with her after 5 p.m. Notice we said, "included."

Last Thursday (Dec. 28, 2017), Bhad Bhabie left court with a new arrangement. On that day, a judge agreed to have the rapper's management team designated as her guardian. With that new rule in place, the ascendant Bregoli will be able to spend more time in the studio and on the road. So, in other words, this is a big W.

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