Looking for a sign things are returning to somewhat normal? A big giant wheel is hard to miss. It's carnival time in Lufkin, and if you are planning on going, here are the details. Once you arrive at the Lufkin Mall, you can't miss the big wheel out in front behind Red Lobster. Seems as though the construction at the Texas Roadhouse site, has put them in a different location.

That's fine by us, as the rest of the attractions are nestled behind the Lufkin Mall. Big state fair style rides are just waiting for the brave. They also brought some great rides for the little ones. Of course they have the funnel cakes and all the fair food. I'm already thinking about the cotton candy. Admisson is free, so you can just walk right in and buy whatever you would like.

The Evans United Shows Spring Carnival will be open daily starting today, Thursday April 22nd, 2021, though Sunday May 2nd, 2021. Open Monday through Friday starting at 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. Parking is free and Ride coupons are $1.25 each, but you can buy in bulk and save a few dollars. 20 coupons for $20 and 50 for $45. All the rides take 3 or more coupons. 

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To get a better deal, if you are going to be there for awhile, get the armbands. They are just $25 per person and you can ride all you want weeknights from 6p-10p. Saturday and Sunday they have two separate sessions. Armbands are $25 per session. The afternoon session is 1-5pm and evening is 6p-10pm.

Of course all this is weather permitting, and could change, because it's outside. If you are looking for some entertainment options for the kids for the next few weeks, you can stay in town, and have some fun.

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