It was huge news back in February of this year, when Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' came to town to find evidence of a huge Sasquatch in our midst. Now that the media coverage has died down, he has reemerged. Unknowingly creating a new superhero by doing so.

It was a sunny day in East Texas, and everything thing was normal outside the radio station. The view out of my studio window is framed, by what has become a large pecan tree. Fueled by recent sunshine, I know this pecan tree is ready to bear delicious pecans this harvest season. Pecan trees only produce every other year, and I know this will be a bumper crop.

Just then I was shaken from my dreams of pecan pie, pecan sandies, and pecan confections of all kinds. I discovered mischief outside, in the form of a giant squatch. Driven out of hiding due to huge amounts of recent rainfall, that most likely flooded his cave-like dwellings on the Angelina River. This beast towered at over 7 feet tall. Huge feet and hands, naked with only fur to cover his shame. I could explain how this all when down, but I don't have to. Luckily my webcam was on at the time of the would be pecan heist. See in living color a new hero emerge, before your very eyes!

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