The press tour for Blade Runner 2049 is much more fun than it has any right to be for such a bleak, dystopian, rainy movie. But that’s because its two leads, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, play so well off of each other that every interview with them is a must-watch. Like this one from This Morning, for example, which quickly went viral when the public saw just how much Ford cracks up during it.

Maybe it’s because of the liquor (in actual prop glasses from the original Blade Runner, mind you), or This Morning host Alison Hammond admitting right off the bat that she’d never seen the first movie, but Ford is determined to have some laughs, and boy, does he. You have never seen Harrison Ford crack up as much as he does in the space of these four delightful minutes. It’s obvious that he and Gosling like each other — either that, or they’re just really good actors. They even talk about that infamous punch: “You know, they say don’t meet your heroes,” Gosling says. “I would say, don’t get punched by them.” Wise words.

I can’t remember having this much fun watching a press tour since Gosling and Russell Crowe did theirs for The Nice Guys. Maybe Gosling is one of those irresistible personalities that brings out the fun side of whoever he’s with. I would also be remiss if I didn’t direct you to Ford and Gosling’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show, during which Harrison Ford “forgets” his co-star’s name. I don’t think Blade Runner 2049 needs another sequel, but if it means another press tour as fun as this, maaaybe Warner Bros. should consider it.

Blade Runner 2049 opens tomorrow.

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