There will be a Texas Artifact Exhibit at the Naranjo Museum of Natural History in Lufkin. This will be a great chance to celebrate Texas History, and their new Texas Artifacts Exhibit. The exhibits opening event will feature artifact identification. Kind of like antique roadshow, without the dollar amounts.

They won't tell you what your things are worth, but they will be better equipped than anyone to tell you what they are. So their wont be appraisals, just identification. If you have a Texas artifact, and want to bring it, the event will be at the Naranjo Museum of Natural History at 5104 South First Street, Lufkin Texas 75901.

Your items will be identified by local experts Morris Weeks and Dr. Neal Naranjo. They are uniquely qualified to tell you what you have. Bring your fossils, Texas artifacts,  or other artifacts, any items to be identified really.

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This identification is an incentive to get more people to come out and be a part of the grand opening of the Texas Artifacts Exhibit. The Texas Artifacts Exhibits will be all new, and is focused on items from East Texas. In the museum as you look around you will see that each of the items will include an origin story. Living here in Texas, you could find Texas History, you just have to know where to look.

The Naranjo Museum invites you to celebrate a new Texas Artifact Exhibit on Saturday, November 21st, from 1pm-5pm.

Visitors are also invited to bring artifacts, fossils and other items to be identified by Dr. Naranjo and Native American Artifact expert Morris Weeks.

Visitors will enjoy viewing the new exhibit, meeting other history enthusiasts and learning more about their own collection of fossils and artifacts.

Identification is free with standard museum admission:

Adults: $7.50

Children (4yrs-18yrs): $5.00

Children (3rs>): free

If you plan on bringing items to be identified, please contact Veronica Amoe at


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