Since filming began on ‘X Factor‘ in May, rumors circulated that new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato weren’t getting along. But it looks like that rumor is just that — a rumor — because these two ladies have been getting along quite well.

At a recent audition in Kansas City, ‘X Factor UK’ judge Louis Welch, who was filling in for a sick Simon Cowell, taught Demi and Brit a game that he likes to play on the U.K. version of  the show. The premise of the game goes like this: The judges would secretly choose a word before each audition and have to use that word in their critiques; and as always, the harder the word, the better. ”Every time one of them said the word, they all started giggling like naughty school children,” said a source.

Queen Brit went first (as most queens would), and chose the word “tiger.” Fellow judge L.A. Reid told a contestant “he looks like a tiger in his tank,” and Lovato followed suit and said, “I can see a little tiger action.” Lovato chose “umbrella” as her word and the two pop stars had trouble controlling their laughter.

“Demi, Britney and L.A. enjoyed the game, but no one is sure if Simon will be too happy with Louis for leading everyone astray,” said a source on set to Us Weekly. “He has been doing the ’X Factor’ in the UK for nine years and everyone loves him, but he’s always making trouble!”

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